Ferris Wheel

Remember that ticklish feeling
The grandeur so appealing
The sparkling beauty at every carnival
With charms absolutely irresistible

Memories of my childhood, cloud my judgement,
Getting sick overpowered by nostalgic attachment.
Sitting with my mum and dad, happiest days of my life,
My sister and I laughing, the life stones keeping me alive.

A dream I had, a while ago,
Witnessing with you, the most beautiful rainbow.
Recreating that kiss, under its imaginary mistletoe.
Letting the calmness play through that age-old stereo.

The mountains of destiny,
Destroying every wheel of misfortune.
An insight towards an illusionary Utopian,
At the end of the very last auspicious carnival.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

Just a small mellow poem! I hope you like it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, this year was very horrible. I honestly want it all to end. And am hoping for a better ray of light coming for all of us next year! That’s all we can hope! (^_^)

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