Snow Storm

Poem for ‘The Storm Outside’

Getting lost by the glimpse of our surroundings
Engaging in our soul purpose, the ultimate grounding.
Growing through the soil covering our feet,
Sinking underground, crumbling the overused attendance sheet.

Finding our presence, a life of euphoria
Bending its existence, changing existential dysphoria.
A catalyst to the future unknown,
Shout it all through your internal megaphone.

To the person, lost in the crowd,
Let’s together jump towards that overly saturated cloud.
A bit closer to your final answer,
Unlocking your potential, through the fateful anchor.

Love, dance, sing, shout, live
A small existence
Holding the key to make it substantial.
You. To You. For You. With You.
Find your field of view.
Live through.
Your cue.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

What do you think? I need to do more research when I write down my poems, I am still new to them but its all fun! (^_^)

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