Dream Glow

To me and you, let’s keep on moving,
Living through everyday life and pursuing,
Our world is far apart, I can only hope,
That one day we can catch a glimpse, through a nearby shop.

The fate of the red string is tied to our fingers,
We can only feel its sense as it lingers.
I can only hope when you look at me,
It brings a question up in your mind over a cup of tea.
Holding your hand and looking in your eyes,
Before we part away, overlooking a beautiful sunrise.

To you, from me.
Together we are free.
Deep underneath, the big blue sea.
I love you, through this eternal marquee,
Give me a chance to love you truly.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

Something short and sweet for today. Inspired by the artwork below. I hope you like it! The context for this was the guy is looking at the girl from my previous post, but I guess that wasn’t very obvious. Haha! (^_^)

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