I Finished Watching All of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure During Lockdown

I never thought this day would come in my anime watching journey. I have finished watching all of Jojo, read part 6 and now am reading part 7. Jojo has always been on my radar but because of the amount of episodes it had, I was always intimidated by it.

I remember joining an anime society, back in my first year of university, and that was the first time I came across Jojo. I only watched one episode but from it, I understood that it had something to do with a stone mask. Only if I knew how that stone mask and Dio will impact the story in the future.

I still wasn’t keen on starting it but last year my friends and I went to see an anime exhibition and we saw Jojo there. One of my friends had seen Jojo way before any of us and he actually had a hard time explaining it, considering the reference was the poses the characters do, it was just so bizarre. Honestly, that was the first time I was intrigued. Fast forward, a few months down the lane and my friend who had seen jojo made another one of my friends watch the whole thing and she was in love with it.

She was telling me about characters that were her favourite, making art for them and at this point my interest had peaked. I was so curious and ended up telling her that I will watch it. Another reason was that one of my baby bois from Attack on Titan, Erwin Smith, shared voice actor with Jotaro from part 3. And that was it for me. I had to watch the show.

And so I started. Part 1 was so fast paced, honestly I was still trying to understand what was happening. Then part 2 happened and it was even better than part 1 and I was starting to enjoy myself a lot. However, I did notice that the characters were not well developed but the fights were really cool. And then part 3 happened, it was honestly the part which took me the longest time to finish. 26 days to be exact. I enjoyed it, however, it did feel very repetitive and predictable because you knew the fight will end in two episodes and then we move on to the next one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Crusaders so much!

Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable, is defintely my favourite part and Josuke is definitely my favourite Jojo! I love his personality so much, its like a close friend ever since you first encounter him. I literally binged this part, took me only 3 days to finish it. Worth it and I loved it! The characters, the story, the episodes, the villian, everything was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe making it longer so I could watch all these characters more.

Part 5 was also so good. Bucciarati, I love him so much! The character designs and arcs in this part was brilliant. Giorno is a great protagonist but he might’ve too perfect. I don’t mind though, still love him a lot. And now the part that I recently finished, Part 6, broke me to bits. Especially the ending. How could Araki sensei do this to us!? I was so broken after reading it, that I didn’t start part 7 for quite a while. I love Jolyne, her growth throughout the story is so well put together and her finally realising that Jotaro, her dad, really cared for her and her mom made me so sad. The ending though, I can’t get over it. I don’t think I ever can. I would say, part 6 leaned more towards the journey and the friends we made along the way. Does that make sense?

I have read the first 40 chapters of Steel Ball Run for now but I’ll wait till I finish reading it all to tell you my final verdict! I am really enjoying it so far! I’ll update soon.

Thank you so much for reading till here, I hope you liked me just rambling about Jojo. If not, tell me what you want me to talk about next! (^_^)

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