Blurred Reality

Closing a book, sitting and sipping tea
Living a life, not very carefree
I move forward, rubbing my eyes blindly.

Frustrated by the lack of everyday motivation
The overwhelming university syllabus, makes me sigh in confusion
Everything feels like an optical illusion.

Walk and walk, I’ll reach an end soon
One I dread, one I didn’t know I wanted to see this noon
Hot tears run down my face, a new phase of the moon.

I told myself to storm away
Find a direction, I wanted to walk every day
My path might be rough, I won’t stumble
A life where I won’t crumble

Trapped in a sunlit marquee I don’t have anywhere more to flee
There lies a door of my dreams, I know where I kept the key
And its time I faced my blurred reality.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

Another poem for my 30 days of art series! I hope you like it! I feel like I might be getting an art and writers block together and this is not very good!! Haha, I want to write more but it would be so helpful if you can help me with topics I can write on!!

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