Starry Night

I used to count the stars above my head every night
While hiding away in my blanket from fright
Worried I’ll spot someone staring back, glowing brighter than a headlight.

It never felt lonely looking up
Someone else might be there, lying next to a shattered teacup
As I fall down in the race to the top.
Getting lost here gives a sense of peace
Concerned of tainting a perfect record, have me at ease.

Maybe I wasn’t meant to grab hold of the stars
When did that become a means to uphold your status bar
Sick and tired, I’d rather be happy, away from people so sour.

A lifetime worth of tears, I’ve already shed
So let me go now, don’t bother till I am dead.
I’ll define myself, not you.
Let me live these final moments, in this beautiful starry night
Because I’ve finally reached their height
No regrets, my heart content as a shed one final tear tonight.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

Another poem for today! I hope you like it! (^_^)

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