Swing Of Life

We hold the key to these little wonders
I’ve sat underneath you during every thunder
Your life passing through my eyes, don’t surrender
We stopped your magic by stomping you under
It’s our big blunder
And we can’t even hold the responsibility for this plunder

Don’t you want to sprinkle their magic all over?
Holding you in our hands, my white clover
How can you tolerate this injustice and pain?
All of my regretful, growing in my heart so bloodstained
You go unnamed, tied to us through an invisible chain

Look at me, run, run before we destroy you forever
Don’t return, otherwise, you’ll fail my endeavour
Though it’s all futile, you didn’t listen, you didn’t move away
In these few remaining hours, I’ll protect you till I decay
And leave behind something as an eternal repay
Shine away, you little wonder, forever and always, okay?

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I apologise for being away for a few months. I’ve been having a bad writers block but I hope this time I am back with more poems, articles, ideas and much more. The issue that arises every time is that I can never choose a topic to write on or even if I do have a topic, I am not sure how to go about that topic. I hope I can work more efficiently this time. I hope you like this short poem.

I am always looking for writing suggestions, if you have any, can you please leave them in the comments below. It’ll really help me out a lot in the long run. (^_^)

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