Glow From Within

I avoid my reflection on a daily basis
Scared to look at it in places so infamous
Confidence seems to be on permanent hiatus
I deemed my worth through my facial status
Wishing I could become a full-grown animagus
Better than getting pricked by my bedside cactus

Running away from the truth, dodging the flow
There was a time I felt special without sorrow
Seasons change and I live on,
I wish I was jane doe in my world, till dusk and dawn
Waiting down the path to foresee an existence so woebegone

Free the frame of mind, let my conscious know
Build a bridge from inside-out, something no one can overthrow
Armed with my immortal crossbow
I am ready for an everlasting glow

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I always have been concerned with the way I look. I think this slowly developed around middle school where everyone started to judge each other on how they looked, behaved and spoke. Being in an all girls school, I felt I was scrutinised by my peers everyday. I developed very bad body image which exists till today. I am afraid of taking my pictures because I feel like I will look horrible in them. I am afraid to look at myself and accept the way I am.

However, I have been learning to love myself slowly. My acne doesn’t help much but I try to not think about it too much. I hope I can learn to love myself more with time. And achieve the everlasting glow that comes after we truly accept ourselves and love ourselves.

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