Lanterns In A Snow Storm Illustration

The night is cold, under this glowing lantern
Teeth chattering, hands frozen, in need of a warm tavern
For some reason, I wish to catch a glimpse of Saturn

I see light, somewhere far
I wonder who those people are
Seems like a mirage of a huge bazaar

I wish I could walk there, but my feet are tied away
I don’t even remember how much I weigh
Although, lean enough that the wind makes me sway

Bring me warmth, I can’t take it anymore
I could handle this if I had strength like before
I can’t store, my tightened torso is taking me to my last shore

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I started this drawing keeping in my mind that I wanted to draw lanterns. I didn’t think of what I would do with the background. As I progressed further, I came up with the idea of making this like a setting inside one house. And seeing the same through the window on a cold snowy night.

Though I interpret the illustration as a cold night, bringing together the people around in harmony as they share their respective warmth through the lanterns of their houses and through the illumination of their surrounding. A snowy night couldn’t stop them from spreading the warmth of togetherness.

The poem, however, tackles loneliness. Reminding me and others that in the midst of all the warmth, if you know you stand alone wedged between eyes unknown, things won’t remain as warm as they seem. Not in a physical sense.

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