Deep Dive

When I was younger I had a dream,
One far away from reality.
I absolutely didn’t want to be as small as a pea.
But wanted to be a whale, swimming in the deep sea.
Living my life, floating away,
Mesmerized by the humans, waiting for my glimpse, every day.
Singing my life away, with someone to love
Similar to having a family, which is my safety glove.
Diving again and again, I would live away,
It’ll be my kind of workday.

Can I still dream? I want to dream.
I can’t anymore, I’ve lost my imagination.
Is it because of the school taught segregation?
It’s suffocating! I feel like a prey.
‘What is?’ that is what they say.
Even so, I have to stay safe, keep my truth at bay.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I got the inspiration of this one by watching someones travel vlog on YouTube where they were going far for whale sighting. Its must be such an amazing feeling when you must spot one far off in distance! I wish I can live to see a moment like that too! (^_^)

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