Game Over?

The day I die, I’ll know the answer to this question,
I wonder if the life I have lived is just an illusion or a game progression.
They call this a game of life, a highly unusual expression.
Do you want it to be that way?

Even though, I wish I could redo.
Its something I never want to go through.
Is this greed because I am human,
Surviving in a world, filled with utter confusion

Will my eyes ever encounter this game over screen?
I guess I’ll never be anyone’s queen.
As I catch a glimpse of our demise, during sunrise.
Don’t forget, the world waits for nobody.
And our doom is near, take cover under that invisible marquee.
Your sins will be questioned and there won’t be any plea.
It’s our final bedtime, in our prime.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I got the inspiration for this after losing constantly at an old game that I had been playing a while ago. Because I kept dying and during that time, I somehow started thinking what do we, as human beings, will truly experience on the day we die.

Death is not something I fear, yet. However, the path I take to finally take me to the final arc of my story is something I am scared of but very intrigued by. This journey, which is so personal to everyone, holds unexpected scenarios and actions, from both us and our peers. All we can do is keep our head up high, filling our minds with an optimistic view towards life and keep moving forward.

This was the illustration I made for this. I hope you like it. Inspired by the idea that my character just lost the game and is now being taken towards another chance to the game, a reset! (^_^)

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