Jewelled Turtle

Have you ever seen a jewelled turtle?
Floating away in the deep water.
Lucky it’s not a mythological creature
Otherwise, it wouldn’t survive the wrath of human nature.
Tearing away at its shell,
We know, those humans go to hell.
Although, this is a speculation but we’ve been doing this for decades.
Killing to make luxury and selling it as item, labelled hand made.
Blood staining our hands, just to make another new brand.
Hey, jewelled turtle,
We would’ve made your life a hurdle.
But we fighting now, this chaos is universal.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I was watching many documentaries about the creatures that dwell in the deep parts of the ocean when I thought of drawing a turtle. There were no turtles in the documentary but I’ve always been so curious about them. They are such beautiful creatures, it’s mesmerising to watch them.

There is a reason I think the concept of a jewelled turtle sounds nice but if it actually existed, I think it’ll be a horrible scenario. Knowing that human greed holds no bounds, humans would’ve strip the turtles off of all their jewels for their own benefit. Really makes me wonder what we have become as we move forward in life. Keeping our greed above our morals. What do you think?

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