Glowing Marquee

A glowing marquee stood by the black sea
It looked so vibrant under the tall trees.
I was curious and stepped in,
For some reason, it felt like a place I had already been in.

The piercing rays of the sun seeping in,
As I slowly made my way through within.
The warmth inside made my cheeks red,
Felt as if I was walking right into my deathbed.

The wind outside got strong,
The closer I reached the front.
The fear in me enraged, waiting to burst out and hunt.
My senses numbing, my vision distorting.

I closed my eyes and held my breath.
But I was forced out, welcomed by cold winds and snow
Back into the real world, holding my chest, hit by a crossbow.
I looked back and saw the remnants of its afterglow,
Thrown into my homestead borough, I still can’t let go.
I am a Jane Doe.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I wrote this poem inspired by an artwork I made a few months ago. I’ll share it together with some of my other works in my next post!

I thought of this back when I went grocery shopping with my dad, back in November, and on our way to the market I saw a red and white vertical stripped marquee. It was lit by an old bulb and a lot of people were sitting inside it. It was probably a party or gathering but I was so into the idea that I drew one too.

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