My Quarantine Birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday (7th May) during quarantine and I didn’t do much, which is pretty normal for me. However, I ate a lot, ten times more than I normally do. I was so full, I didn’t even feel the need to eat anything today but my mum won’t let me stay all day without eating anything. Overall, it was a pretty chill one but hopefully when things calm down, I can go out and eat some more ice cream!

All of this made me remember the last few birthdays I’ve had. Back when I was in my first year, my friends and I went on an unexpectedly long walk to the ‘beach’ of that city. We took a twenty minute bus to the city center and then from there we followed a few of my friends, who said that there was a beach nearby. However, that nearby beach was two hours away from the city center. So yeah, we walked two hours, stayed there for an hour and then walked all the way back. It was very tiring but we went to a buffet afterwards and it was pretty delicious.

My birthday in my second year was an odd one too. Our team had to prepare our robot for its final marking in two days time but they allowed me to take a day off and chill-out on my birthday. My sister came to visit just an hour before the clock struck twelve o’clock. Honestly, during all that stress, it was so relaxing to take a day off eat out with my friends and sister and relax before the final day of our project!

During the third year, my birthday fell on a bank holiday. I didn’t mind it much. I had a breakfast of cake and ice cream float with my friends at our favourite dessert shop. Then we chilled out at their house for a while. I also happened to have another meeting for one of my third year projects on that day. My friend message the leader of our group to make sure she lets me leave earlier, only for that day. I returned to my friends house after the meeting and then we played some games, watched some anime and ate a lot. At some point, we also decided to go out and each of us got one drink because that’s all we can handle. I had a pina colada and it was pretty good!

And last year, I actually had an exam on my birthday and it didn’t even go that well. I was sulky and because I was doing my masters, which was in another university, my friends and family were away too. It was pretty lonely and I told them about it later but whatever. Let’s not ponder about that one too much!

This year, we can only hope that things get better soon. Though, it was nice celebrating it with my family after so long. Reminded me of the time I was in school. (^_^)

Tell me about your birthday too! How do you generally celebrate it? Did it fall during this lockdown time?

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