To Live

I have spent a lot of my time doing things in life, I didn’t fully love.
I want to change, showcase the start of another life,
The ultimate flight of my white dove.
Finally live the beautiful moments of life.
Feel the soft breeze tickling my skin, the scent of the damp earth I will lay in
And freedom to be myself without any prejudice.
A time I can look back and reminisce,
The sweet journey guiding me to a destiny I truly crave.
Thanking my younger self, as I take my last breath.
Thinking how different life would’ve been,
If I took another route would be all in vain.
Practical steps to my dream is now the only way,
The decision for my prolonged happiness, on the destined bay.
The ropes to tie me down won’t make me sway,
I need to run and run, to the place I want to be in, through it all I’ll scream,
Now you know, I will live my dream.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

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