My Weekend Watching BTS Concerts

There has been so much going around the whole world and it is all very overwhelming. I’ve been trying to take a break from it all and stay away from watching the news all day. But we can only do so much, we have to wait everything out, until it all calms down.

Last week I saw that BTS was going to live stream their old concerts over the weekend and I was so happy. I want to go their concert but for the past two years things just haven’t allowed me to. However, I was so sure that this will be my year and I will finally see them perform in person. Yes, you thought right, they had to be cancelled for now. We can’t change the way things are going around in our world right now but all we can do is hope to find ways to stay positive and motivated post the chaos.

I barely was able to sleep the night before, I got up pretty early (for me) and watched them perform all day, their old songs and new songs. It was such a fun experience and always touches my heart how much they care for Army! It’s inspiring looking at them grow, from Red Bullet concert to the Love Yourself concert. If you are an army, you know how I feel! (^_^)

I first listened to BTS back in 2015 when I came across their song ‘Danger’. It was so good, I had to know who sang it and I still hold it very dear to me. However, I didn’t start stanning them until around a year or so later but definitely the best thing I have done.

During my masters study, I was going through a really rough time in my life and listening to BTS really helped me. Their ‘Love Yourself’ era helped me through things in life which I don’t think I ever want to talk about but I am happy now. Through them, all through my inner chaos, I was able to live more freely.

I have spent a lot of my time doing things in life, I didn’t fully love.
I want to change, showcase the start of another life,
The ultimate flight of my white dove.
Finally live the beautiful moments of life.
Feel the soft breeze tickling my skin, the scent of the damp earth I will lay in
And freedom to be myself without any prejudice.
A time I can look back and reminisce,
The sweet journey guiding me to a destiny I truly crave.
Thanking my younger self, as I take my last breath.
Thinking how different life would’ve been,
If I took another route would be all in vain.
Practical steps to my dream is now the only way,
The decision for my prolonged happiness, on the destined bay.
The ropes to tie me down won’t make me sway,
I need to run and run, to the place I want to be in, through it all I’ll scream,
Now you know, I will live my dream.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

As an army through and through, I would like you to tell you to listen to their songs and understand the message that lies underneath. Forget all the barriers that is stopping you from doing so and let yourself just feel.

I hope you really do listen to them! I picked a song with a very beautiful message! If you like it, do listen to more of their songs! Also, are you an army? (^_^)

Thank you so much for reading. You can find all my other social media accounts on the top right of my website. Also, please don’t forget to follow me on WordPress if you liked my work and feel free to comment anything you want me to write about next. (^_^)

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