Short Story: The Menacing Red Eyes

For day 2 of my 30 day challenge, I focused on a a scary theme. I drew this on Halloween day that’s why I wanted it to look scary. I honestly think it ended up looking kinda cute, however, his eyes seems a bit menacing. I like it. (>_<)

I thought I could do something interesting with these prompts and because I also want to start focusing more on my fictional works, I am thinking of writing short stories inspired from my drawings. Here is the first one. Please feel free to criticize it as much as possible.

Jen couldn’t remember a Halloween night where she actually was glad about the whole event. Every year, she spent weeks preparing an outfit that would leave her peers in awe. However, it always ended on top her laundry machine and her smudging her entire costume makeup with a half-dried make-up wipes and her tears.

But this year, she was sure it was going to end differently because she hadn’t bothered with it at all. The only reason she made an effort every year due to her mother pressuring her to go out and find people she could spend time with. A very nice sentiment overlooked completely by Jen.

She didn’t understand the significance. Every time she asked, her mother slapped her and told her that sometimes she should just listen to her parents because they know better. And that ended the conversation. Her father did try to console her, even so, Jen kept her head down and tears in. However, today she had already baited her parents, calling them two hours beforehand and telling them how excited she was for this year’s events. LIAR.

Jen unplugged her phone from the charger and put it on airplane mode. She had had enough of people for the night. Letting out a loud sigh as she flopped on her bed and tried to take a short nap. The loud noises coming from outside kept bothering her but she eventually drifted off.


Jen woke up engulfed by the darkness of her house. She couldn’t remember ever turning off any of the lights before falling asleep but shook the idea off as something she must’ve forgotten.

Stretching her hands, she walked towards the kitchen to make herself a sandwich before getting ready for bed, not even bothering to switch any lights on except for her kitchen one. All the noise previously giving her a headache had completely seized. It felt eerily quiet. Even tiny actions felt louder than ever, piercing Jen’s ears. As if a needle was slowly stabbing her inner ear. Shaking all those thoughts out, she continued cutting the crust off the bread.

A sudden thud outside made her alarmingly glance outside the living room window, only to spot someone getting off a car from a distance and walking inside a house. She shook her head and looked down on her sandwich again, trying to shake all thoughts off her mind.

‘Aaaah!’ she suddenly yelled, gasping.

The bread was soaked red. Her hands went towards her ears who were now throbbing in pain, completely drenched in blood. It was the same ear that had been bothering her in the silence. She got up and immediately ran to the sink, trying her best to wash all the blood off but it felt like it wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon.

Closing the tap, she used some kitchen towels and stuffed them all around and in her ear before walking to her bedroom to find the first aid kit. There were two large cupboards towards the right wall of the bedroom and a small dresser on the top right side, next to the windows. She chose to rummage through the dresser drawers and thankfully, found the kit in the lower most compartment.

She got up smiling, satisfied with her discovery. Cutting up bandages, she wrapped it around her forehead after filling her ear with a big mound of cotton. However, she suddenly froze as her gaze found another just outside her window. It was too dark for anyone to figure out clearly who or what it was.

Jen couldn’t remove herself from the menacing yet enchanting eyes of the thing looking at her, merely standing a few meters away from the window. It didn’t blink or said anything. It didn’t look like anyone she had ever crossed paths with.

As her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she noticed that thing definitely wasn’t human. A creature of the night, heard to only exist in story books. With large red eyes but no mouth. Tiny arms and feet, holding an unlit candle in its hand. It was looking at her but never blinking. It stretched its hands, with the candle in it, towards her and started swaying from left to right and back. Again and again and again. Making Jen sway with it, involuntarily.

She didn’t know how long she had been swaying but it felt like hours. The candle was burning now, the only light source she could see. All the street lamps, houselights were off. She felt alone with it. What was it? She didn’t understand.

It had been so long that she couldn’t even feel the pain in her ears anymore, she felt numb. However, her gaze remains fixated. The thing outside her window felt closer than before, now almost pressing the candle to the window.

Jen could feel herself shivering under its presence. All of a sudden, he broke his long lasting stare to look at the candle. A small window which allowed her to shut her eyes tight and repeat to herself that it was all a dream she was having. That she hadn’t woken up.

Her ear stung again which made her open her eyes to nothing. There was nothing outside anymore. The street lights were on and she spotted the silhouette of another person over the house across the street. She shook her head vigorously before putting her hands on her ear.

To her surprise, they were not bloody. They didn’t even have the bandages on them, her hands weren’t bloody anymore as well. Jen lost her balance in all the confusion and fell on the floor, one hand on her head and other on her ear. Her eyes couldn’t seem to focus on one thing and she still swayed back and forth. It was the only way she felt better.

A knock on her window caught her off guard. She looked up to see the same hands she had seen holding the candle. Wanting to know what was happening, she crawled to the window and slowly peered out. It wasn’t there and the neighbourhood stood in darkness again. It, however, had left a huge mirror which was glowing, almost blinding on first sight.

Jen felt attracted to it and again, was lost in its gaze. Not for long, though. She had full control of her body this time and could stop looking whenever she wanted. But she didn’t. Not until she noticed someone’s reflection looking towards her. It was her house, her window, her bedroom but not her. A little girl. A little her.

As Jen stood up, so did she. Not tall enough but her face was visible and she seemed to be following all of her actions to the millisecond. Jen was sure this was all a big prank. She was still very confused and now, pissed. She marched towards the front door, swung it open and walked to the spot just outside her window where the mirror stood, all the while trying her best not to lose her balance.

There she was, her younger version, looking at her but not following all of her actions anymore but just smiling. Jen remembered that dress her younger self was wearing, one that her mother had bought for her eighth birthday. Although, it was different. It was dirty, covered in red blood.

The blood had been coming from her younger self’s ear. Just like Jen before the creature had come to visit her. Her younger self was still smiling at her, eerily. Jen felt a chill run through her spine as her younger self stretched her hand towards her, summoning her to come inside the mirror.

Jen had never felt this uncomfortable in her life. Though, she was also intrigued. What would she see if she went inside the mirror? Would she even be able to go in? Without thinking, her feet starting moving towards it. An unknown force, pulling in by someone, slowly. In her trance-like state.

She now stood right in front of it but knew this was a bad idea. No sooner did she take a step back, someone from behind the mirror forcefully pushed it on top of her with a string force, sending her inside mirror and letting it shatter as it hit the ground.

Eerie, the creature looking at Jen through the window before, rubbed her hands together and wiped the imaginary sweat off her forehead. She grabbed the mirror stand protruding from its base and dragged it away in the darkness.

Just an attempt at a short story. It’s not very good but I am gonna practice more. I have many ideas but I am poor at executing any of them. Hopefully this will help. Here is a speedpaint of my illustration I call ‘Eerie’.

Thank you so much for reading. You can find all my other social media accounts on the top right of my website. Also, please don’t forget to follow me on WordPress if you liked my work and feel free to comment anything you want me to write about next. (^_^)

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