Sugar Rush

Hazy memories run through, difficult to classify
Wondering why am I suddenly able to fly.
Traveling far to a place of unlimited fun.
Visiting my favourite shop, standing peacefully in the sun
Run run run, after getting all work done
To relive a dream, satisfying this sugar rush
Caramels, gummy fish, chocolate, even licorice
Available without any prejudice.

Mindfully gauging them all, basking in the glory of the shop;
Had absolutely no time at all to stop.
Bewildered as everything suddenly started to melt
A strange conclusion, an uncanny phenomenon, it was time to pelt.
Never again would I relive,
Memories still here within.

~ CrystalDreamIllustration

I originally wrote it after taking inspiration from the lollipop drawing I posted about yesterday. I have altered it a lot, the original version was actually pretty bad. I am still learning how to write poems. Yes, its about me having a dream where I fly far to a candy shop. Its all good fun. (^_^)

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