Sugar Dream: Lollipop

I started a 30 day art challenge without initially knowing that I am gonna continue this and draw for 30 days. It was a random evening and I had just recovered from a long running fever. I had my tablet in front of me and I was looking all over Pinterest to find inspiration.

Sadly, I didn’t get any. I was about to close up for the night and just watch something but had a sudden urge to eat some really old candy I found tucked in an old shelf. I liked them because they were sour mango flavour but had some rock salt inside them. And I thought that maybe I can just draw candy. I really like eating sweet things anyway. Maybe that might be an understatement to my sugar cravings.

I restarted, keeping it very simple, and drew a simple Lollipop. It honestly didn’t take me that long to draw, only about 42 minutes. I don’t think I was even thinking about what I was doing, I was going with the flow and enjoying the process.

I was initially gonna make a rainbow on the lollipop but didn’t know how to. One of my favourite tool to play around with is the smudge tool. It can do wonders but also ruin your drawing in one go.

I also decided to make a complete portrait, i.e. not skipping out on the background. I often use is the kaleidoscope effect for the background, it sometimes gives life to a dull base which can shed a lot of light on your artwork and even make it pop. You don’t have to do it all that time but sometimes it brings things together.

I added a shadow underneath the lollipop, keeping in mind the source of light, which in this case, was coming from the right side of the portrait. I am sure a lollipop in real life won’t have such depth but the beauty of drawing it from a top angle can be that we don’t know the actual depth of the object. It can be 1 mm or 1 cm or anything. An illusion? Haha, I am still not very good at those! (>_<)

I also happened to record myself which I drew the picture and thought it will be a fun way to keep a record of all my art work process as well as look back if I have forgotten how I tackled a particular aspect of the drawing.

If you are someone who wants to get into art but don’t know how to draw people, start by simply drawing things around you or things you love! It can be that simple! We all have such a huge imagination that if we discipline ourselves to draw anything, no restrictions, we’ll start to look at everything with a different eye. Its all about when you start it all! (^_^)

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