I Want To Share My Drawing Journey (When I Did 30 Days of Art)

For a long time, I had felt like I wasn’t making any significant progress in my artwork. A few months back I decided to draw every day for a month while limiting myself to only drawing original work.

I have seen so many articles about how one can improve in their artwork and found many ways of working with it. I decided to let my imagination go wild and find how far can I stretch my capabilities.

I can agree that it was a pretty interesting development overall. I created so many artworks that I am proud of and so many that I despise. But by doing this, I was able to push myself further with how I handle using random techniques.

I remember I tried attempting perspective art which I have never done and it definitely didn’t end too well. However, I went with it and now know what are my strong points and weak points. I also experimented with many art tools and found a lot of interesting information about the drawing app I use.

However, even after all that work, I still feel like I am still not at a point where I am fully satisfied with my abilities but if I do ever feel that, won’t that take away the fun from practising. Looking at this process positively has proven to be very forthcoming and embracing days when I don’t deliver my best work is also okay with me because I know I am giving my best. I, however, need a lot more practice.

Another habit that I have cultivated through this is that I’ve been recording myself draw. This has made my life so much easier because now I can look back at how I attempted certain aspects of my drawings and then maybe cut it down to post a speedpaint on my YouTube. I have also forced myself to write a really long description in all of my videos. I always include a short poem to see how much I can force my mind to imagine by just looking at the drawing or simply by the name I have given it. Honestly, they are pretty depressing! I should write happier poems. I will, probably, with time.

I want to share my 30 day journey and what inspired me to draw each piece of work. I wonder if any of you will like me doing that. I’ve been thinking about trying to take another long route where I draw a lot of original work, I think it’ll be fun.

Follow my blog for more art posts and even random stuff, you can give me suggestions about what I should write about in my next blog post in the comments. You can also find me on other social platforms, the links are at the top right side of the screen! (^_^)

  1. I am so glad you did this challenge dear 😄 You have done an amazing job at it too! ❤️ I am so proud of the progress you have made. Your art is already so stunning, I am excited to see what it will be like in a years time. It is really good that you started your blog, YouTube channel and Instagram to show your work because you will always be able to look back on it and review your progress. I love comparing artwork I did years ago to now, its nice to see how my art has developed. Keep up the wonderful work x x


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