Criticizing My Artwork: Characters And Expressions [2]

After working on art, here and there, for about two months, I finally started to understand the basics. In these two drawings, I made sure I used initial base shapes to act as a guide. I think I was able to get some facial anatomy correct but you can clearly see that I messed up while drawing the hands.

I have mentioned this in my previous posts as well, but I always have a hard time trying to draw hands. I saw a few tutorials on YouTube and followed them religiously to no avail. But I am not giving up.

By this time, I had to start learning how to work with more curved and free flowing lines which doesn’t give my drawing a boxy look. Here, I can clearly see a lot of straight lines which can be okay if done right. However, that is not the case here. The hair is a whole other topic that I really need to focus on. Again, the focus comes towards smooth flowing lines that gives the silhouette of the hair a much more realistic and sleek touch.

All bad things aside, this was the first time I procured two characters together and they do resemble their original reference which is from the anime Yuri On Ice. I absolutely loved that anime, highly recommend it to anyone who likes a mix of romance and ice-skating. I actually got so into this, I did two semesters of ice skating and it was very fun. I, however, fell countless number of times. Totally worth it!

Victor and Yuri from Yuri On Ice

The second example I want to give is of another one of my face focused drawings. I drew Itachi from Naruto, from a scene that absolutely breaks my heart to this day.

I followed the basic rules on drawing the facial features of a character and I think I did get the essence of some of his sadness right but it looks a bit wonky. The face shape is something that really throws the balance off this whole portrait. The eyes, in my opinion, don’t look half as bad as I had initially thought. They look pretty okay! The hair, once again, not so much. I still need to work a lot on drawing smoothly flawing lines.

Itachi from Naruto

I have seen a lot of artists give advice to new artists about practicing a lot on drawing long lines. I can see what they mean when they say that. When I draw a rough sketch, I use several short untidy lines to make the correct shapes, I personally don’t think that should be that big of an issue but the important part arrives when you use those rough lines as a guide to draw out that particular shape with one single smooth line. That’s what I want to practice more. If I am able to get a grasp of that, the hair I draw and face shapes will look much more sleek.

However, everything above aside, when I first started, all this was a big achievement for me. That’s a big thing to keep in mind, when you start achieving small victories in your art, its an important factor in your journey. I drew all this more than two years ago and I have gone through a lot of changes since then. Which includes that I have drawn a lot and learned a lot from it. Understood my previous mistakes and taken many steps to work on it. I wouldn’t change anything through any part of my journey. Its a big learning curve, a never ending pathway. That’s why I say we can and want to learn so much in our short life span. Those small victories brought me where I am now and looking back and nitpicking things is just plain fun. Don’t take it all too seriously. Its all fun. To anyone who is a new artist, keep practicing. I believe in you!

Sorry it took a while with this post. I kinda had a writers block this past week. But now I am back to posting regularly. Follow my blog for more art posts and even random stuff, you can give me suggestions in the comments. You can also find me on other social platforms, the links are at the top right side of the screen! (^_^)

  1. These drawings look great 😊 It’s amazing how much you have progressed in a short time❤️ Keep up the awesome work! Maybe you can post share some of your digital art here too. Your digital art style is so cute and pretty. I love it! x x

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