Criticizing My Old Art: Working On Face Shapes, Animals And Objects [1]

As you know that when you art any art journey, everything feels difficult to draw, especially for me. The first thing I struggled with the most was drawing face shapes. I opted a lot of times to draw side profile of characters. Now looking back at some of my initial works, I feel like I can find so many things that are wrong. (Caution: I’ve only been doing art for three years, don’t take my advice too seriously and feel free to give me advice as well)

Let’s examine this Christmas Special drawing I did, Itachi on a sledge holding flowers and a reindeer. The context for this was Itachi going to heaven because he deserves everything beautiful! I am also very proud of the reindeer, it looks really pretty! ≧◡≦
I want to more work with animal silhouettes because I find it so hard to draw them realistically and if I draw them badly I’ll make them feel bad (。-_-。). That might sound absurd, I need to practice to get better, I’ll do my best. Cheer for me!

Looking at Itachi’s face, you can tell from afar that its him, although, the over sketch is very rough. It’s good for someone who was just starting out but the basics were still all over my head. I drew the hair before understanding about basic skull shape which makes the whole drawing feel a bit off. However, I don’t have any issue with the sledge, it can be made in a better way. Overall, there is room for a lot of improvement.

Another example of weird anatomy is the second picture. The character was supposed to look like he came running into a house, drenched in rain. You can spot remnants of water droplets around the chin however, the character doesn’t look like he is, in any way, soaked. I also have difficulty to do the hair, I’ve seen a lot of artists advising to practice drawing long smooth lines instead of many small lines to make the overall sketch appear more smooth! I am also not the best person to give advice on drawing hands, its something I struggle with to this day. These two drawings, altogether, give off the vibe of them just being rough sketches for the actuall artwork. And honestly, I am okay with it. No one has to be good as soon as they start drawing.

Now looking back and analyzing my first few drawings, I think I didn’t take the correct route when starting my art journey. I am sure there are many people who never took basic art lessons and started by drawing out their favourite characters from a series or game. And when I look at all that professional work and then my work, I feel extremely underwhelmed. I didn’t feel like that when I actually finished drawing this though, because at that time this was the best of me. A achievement for me.

The last drawing I am gonna talk about is this lamp hanging that I drew and I love it. The lines might look pretty rough and yes, its very poorly drawn but all that aside, it feels delicate and I am very big fan of seeing things like this in real life. Not my best work and there is a lot I can do better, for example, I should’ve used a proper ruler to draw the straight lines, it looks wobbly in general. I would definitely give this one another go and draw this digitally. I’ve been practicing drawing long smooth lines, it might help.

I want any of you reading all this criticism I am giving myself with a grain of salt. I want to push myself to work at a much more finer and higher quality. Unlike before, now I am worried of experimenting too much with new things because I don’t want my art portfolio to look inconsistent. I want to definitely break that cycle and work on more projects involving atmospheres I am unfamiliar with. A way to push you abilities further is to experiment with new techniques and styles. Don’t be afraid, I am saying this as much to an new artist as to myself, and yes I consider myself still an amateur. Half the time I just go with the flow, I never have a look I am going for. But for my future work, I kinda want to have somewhat of a plan. Can’t wait to show it to you all! (。◕‿◕。)

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