Art Process Mistakes By An Amateur

As someone who has never taken a class in arts and even back in school my teachers didn’t show us any techniques that I can apply to my art in the long run, it became evident to me that I had to start art by either watching YouTube tutorials or just out of the vast imagination in my head hoping I could learn something sustainable from myself.

I am just messing around. But yeah, when I first started out I didn’t know where to start my portrait. Anyone would tell you that it might be wise to produce simple shapes and them work around it because then you have a baseline. I started by drawing the hair and then got so concerned when its shape never match the face shape or the face was too small or the hair made the character looked like he was balding away.

Itachi From Naruto

In this drawing of Itachi, I drew his hair then went to the konoha slashed headband and lastly the face. I drew no circles to help me. Though at first I did think that drawing the side profile of any character was a lot easier. However, the nose doesn’t look very prominent, the face shape looks odd, the hair is not as bad as I had expected but overall, I am still very happy with what I had procured. This was my most proud work in the first two months of me starting working on my artwork.

Although, there was a problem with not following basic art rules, at least for me. I am sure that a lot of artists can probably pull this off but I think having a basic structure is crucial in understanding where the hairline of the character might begin from.

Zen From Mystic Messenger

In this one, I can pinpoint so many issues. The face shape looks awkwardly asymmetrical. And its okay if you are intending to make the character like that but in my case I was copying an artwork of a popular game series. I don’t mind how I have done the neck though I might make the collar bones a bit more prominent. The ears also look haywire. I am admitting, this is definitely not my best work.

You can’t expect to paint like Vincent Van Gogh when you first start. You have to understand the basics before we start anything. And this gave me a wrong idea of art basics which I later had to learn anyway. If I have learned them first, I might’ve not made these mistakes. However, its a good way to remember your mistakes. And frankly, I might’ve done something like this regardless, at least at one point in my life. Not something I look forward to acknowledging.

An important thing to note is that there is nothing wrong with making these kind of blunders. As Bob Ross says that we can call them happy accidents. Many happy accidents later we will make a master piece, hopefully, and it doesn’t have to follow any rules. The thing that it should follow is your heart.

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