Drawing hands (Attempt #1)

When you first start art out, the whole world seems different. For me, I look at things from a different eye and even when I don’t, I want to learn how to. But not everything is a reference and not everything need to be analysed to a degree that you take all the magic out of it.

Although, there are times when you see something and it just lights a candle inside of you. Something that you can imagine but its all still so blurry. One of my dreams is to fully put everything I think of, when it comes to art, on paper. Its hard to reach that point.

Recently, I experienced something that impacted me in a way I can’t ever forget. I did my first deep dive when I was away travelling with my parents. It honestly wasn’t that deep, only 50 meters, but it was a whole different experience.

At one point, I remember extending my hands towards the schools of fishes passing by me and, for some reason, that stuck with me. I don’t want to forget that moment, I really want to draw that exact moment. I feel evolved like a Pokemon. The only issue is I have to learn how to draw hands and I personally think hands are one of the most difficult things to draw.

I remember attempting to draw a hand, back when I first started, and I was struggling with it for hours. This is what I ended up with.

I don’t think its horribly bad but definitely needs a lot more practice. It weird, how I keep on saying that I want to get better at drawing this or that and I know the answer to all this very simple. Its all about practice, how much time you can give to practising. Right now, I give about 3-4 hours of drawing per day, sometimes its more depending on what I am drawing. Its a slow journey, gotta enjoy it till the end.

It’s a step, though. I like to see progress, it doesn’t matter how small the progress may seem. When we add all these small victories together, we achieve something big. I think that is something that everyone can apply to our daily lives as well. Maybe?

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