Dipping My Toes In Difficult Art Styles

After my first initial attempt at drawing Tobirama from Naruto, I tried to take a step further and draw characters from a game I had been playing during that time. It wasn’t just any game, it was an otome game. Basically, you are the main character and you find a phone and someone calls you on it and tells you to return it to this apartment. So, you go there and open the door by yourself (break in) and then you can suddenly access a chat room which does charity parties.

I won’t spoil anything more but the games called Mystic Messenger and I really enjoyed playing it. But because the game plays out in real time, it took me about 3 months to finish it. Totally worth it!

If you go to the website of their developing company, Cheritz, you’ll see that the art of the game is very beautiful and when I first started out, I never ever thought I could draw something like that. I still don’t think I can. Although now I have better knowledge of how to start the drawing, how to get better with the shape of the air and other things.

Its always sentimental to look back and see where it all began and this was the reality about three years ago. And I still think, it was really good. Maybe I should start recreating some of my old artworks!

I drew Zen from the game. He is one of my favourite characters and I really enjoyed his route. I say that, I loved all the characters!

Have you played this game before?

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