First Proper Fan-Art Illustration

If you read my first post, you might know that I got into art once again in my life when my friends and I collectively agreed to do a month of Christmas prompts. We failed to come through and finish all of them but it was entertaining as long as it lasted.

Even so, I discovered a long lost skill. When I started University, I chose to do engineering and I knew I was gonna chose that for a big part of my life but the last two years of my school, I had found a love in writing. I used to read lots of novels and poems and a small part of me wanted to pursue writing as a career. I decided to go against that and work on other things, though my parents said that I could still keep practicing on my writing skills.

Life happens and fours years passed where I didn’t have much time to focus on writing and I honestly lost a lot of the finesse that I had acquired. Now I’ve been trying to build it all up again but it can be disheartening at times.

I clearly remember my school English teacher ridiculed me in front of my whole class for being poor at English (It’s not my first language) and I was extremely embarrassed to be placed in such a discouraging spotlight. I am already a very shy person and back then I felt horrible. I worked hard, every day to improve my skills. And four years ago I was at a point when I was very proud of my writing.

In my country there is a culture of going to after school tuition and that English teacher had opened one in her house. A lot of my classmates went to her, because no matter what I said she was very good and thorough on the subject, but I couldn’t get myself to go to her. It might’ve been a stupid move and I am sure she must’ve forgotten what she had told me about two years ago, I was still stuck with it. I couldn’t, it’s all on me.

But now I am 22 years old and I think I’ve come a long way. I’ve lost lots of progress but this blog is a new start for me. I’ve been only talking about writing however, I didn’t even glance at my gains. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the subject I am studying and I’ve gotten back in art. Another medium that I want to use to express myself better and help people with.

I want to combine these mediums: art and writing, to create something beautiful. I am still thinking about what to start with. I don’t remember what was the first thing I had ever written because in these past few years I’ve edited it multiple times and it’s not raw anymore, although, I can share the first piece of art that I completed.

Tobirama From Naruto

I drew Tobirama from Naruto, I think the prompt was ‘Gingerbread cookies’ and I was so proud of this. I took the notebook I had drawn it in and showed it to my friends before the lecture and they were so proud of me.

I still am a tiny bit proud of myself to start something new but now I really want to express myself better with it. If you have any suggestions, do tell me in the comments or email me. Thank you for supporting me. (^_^)

Do your thang
Do your thang with me now
Do your thang
Do your thang with me now
What’s my thang
What’s my thang tell me now
Tell me now”

– Black Swan by BTS

  1. Beautiful work dear 😊 You are great at drawing and will get better and better and better ❤️ Like with anything that we want to get great at, it takes time and just doing it over and over again. 22 is still so young, keep drawing here and see where you are in a years time – you will be amazed.

    Life is continuous learning. We think that “once I’m this good at drawing this way, it will be great”, but then we achieve that level of skill and look to get even better – on to the next level. Hope that makes sense haha. I’m 32 years old and will forever be learning new things x x

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    1. Thanl you so much! I want to get better and better. Sometimes I feel bad because I get caught up in work and I can’t work on my artwork thats why I decided to make this blog so I can share my experience with people and encourage myself to learn more and maybe in the way help inspire more people to draw!
      Haha! I feel like even though I am 22 now I want to learn so much and experience so many things in life.
      Thats amazing! You are so inspiring! I see you post so much on your wordpress and I am in awe at your skills. I am learning so much for you! (^_^)

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      1. Your welcome dear 😄 I get what you mean. It can be tricky finding balance with work and our art. Especially when you have busy days at work and are tired at the end of the day ❤️ I’m glad to hear that dear. Experiencing many things in life is the right way to go about it!

        Age has never bothered me but I know when I was 19 my friends thought they were old then, then at 21, 25 and 30 has really hit a lot of them. It’s so silly haha. Instead of letting their age hold them back. I wish they would just do what they love but many people think they are too old to start something new.

        I heard this story where a pro-wrestler lied about his age. He was actually in his 30’s when he started but lied about his age to say he was in his 20’s to appeal more to audiences and because he felt like his real age was old.

        He died when he was 63 (I think it was this age), that is when his real age was revealed. His fans instead of complaining about his true age were like “Aww he died so young at 63, he had so much more to live for”.

        Basically the point of the story is if people think 63 is too young to die, shouldn’t 63 still be young to live? It’s a nice way of thinking of life. Sometimes we expect to have certain things by a particular age but we should really just focus on our own goals, not let anyone’s thoughts stop us and just keep moving forward with it.

        We need to take each birthday as a blessing 🙂 That we have made it to another year of life. I honestly look at older people who are 80+ and think “Wow, they have lived so many years and experienced a lot. That’s amazing!”. As we never know what age will be our time to leave this planet.

        So keep creating art because you are amazing at it and I know you will master so much more! We each have so much to do and give. I wish everyone could see that they are worth it and deserve to do what they love in live.

        Aww I am also inspired by you dear. Your work is so beautiful and magical! I’m learning from you too x x


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