Accepting Yourself

The silence of the night makes me wonder;
my thoughts are deep, my voice quite tender.
I look up at the sky and take a deep breath
Before letting myself get hypnotised by the sudden onset of spiritual death.
Noticing the truth about my cowardly behaviour as I hide away in a corner like a benign creature,
I feel the need to break my shell and not become a universally know caricature.
Lying deep underneath a heap of snow, I slowly understand how big of an eeyore I can be.
Calling for help is out of question, rescuing myself sounds more like a suggestion.

Though one should never underestimate an introvert,
It basically should be deemed as an old proverb.
They can surprise you with their calibre and brave demeanour
Like a viking riding a dragon whilst holding a coat of armour.

I walk upon the destroyed soil, trying to decipher the mystery of my existence.
Only to notice myself standing in front, with wet eyes and a runny nose, and thinking I am part of a delusional stunt.
Seeking comfort, running away from servitude, I pounce upon my being.
Not able to hide my emotions I finally break, making sure to put an end to this everlasting ache.
And finally, after what seemed to be an era of endless nightmares and terrors,
I can embrace my errors.
I can look into the world and feel loads of opportunities lying untouched
As I gracefully accept the departure of my so called inner battle.

Poem By CrystalDreamIllustration

I write poems as well, every once in a while. I might post them here as well. Do tell me if you enjoy them! (^_^)

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