Traditional And Digital Art

If you’ve seen my recent work, you might’ve noticed that I am using more digital art techniques than traditional art. It was a decision which I made only recently because I really wanted to work more on completing artworks. As in, I want to make full portraits with proper backgrounds.

Let’s first understand what is the difference between traditional and digital art. A way to compare them can be that traditional art is not digitally rendered using any kind of software, such as Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop or Procreate.

I would describe my traditional art as the drawings and sketches I do on paper. Using drawing tools like pencils, pens, paints, maybe even chalk in some cases. I’ve seen a recent bloom of marker pens which are used by a lot of manga artists for colouring. I’ve only used colour pencils to add colour to my traditional artwork but I’ve recently bought some water colour pencils which might be more effective when it comes to blending colours together and get a depth in any artwork. I’ve dwelled in the world of watercolours, a tiny bit, and I am absolutely horrible at that. I still want to give it another go.

For digital art, I use my iPad and apps like Procreate and Sketchclub. Initially starting digital art, can seem a bit daunting. I finished my first digital art piece during one of my lectures at university (Don’t judge me, I was just very bored.) back in 2017, I choose the lesser of the two most daunting things at that time. There is a significant amount of difference that I have noticed. Even though digital art gives us a lot of benefits and features that does make it more convenient to create art, you still need to spend a significant amount of time to fully understand the app. But it does give an advantage to alter your work as you please.

It can be done with traditional artwork as well but for me, there is one problem with that, I don’t think about how I want my end result to look like when I start drawing. I could definitely work more on combating that con and that is what I have decided to put my mind to this year. I have a plain notebook that I bought about two years ago and, at that point, I was really determined to fill the entire notebook with dozens of sketches but I couldn’t even fill a quarter of it and I honestly think that’s really bad.

In conclusion, I don’t think one is better than the other. Both has its own pros and cons. I would say that because I’ve invested a lot of time this past month learning to work more efficiently with digital art, it doesn’t mean that I have fully abandoned the idea of creating art, the traditional route.

It all comes down to which medium you invest your time in to create. And its all practice, just because you are drawing digitally, doesn’t mean you can’t draw on a paper. I have heard people say that to me before and its not true at all. Any kind of practice is good practice. So, do you prefer one over the other or like to invest your time in both equally?

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