Slow Progress, One Element At A Time

Drawing is hard. No matter what anyone tells you. Ask this to someone who has recently started drawing regularly. I really felt like my hands just couldn’t accommodate themselves to draw even proper straight or curved lines.

In my last post, you saw what my first drawing was after years of neglecting this skill. I made the chibi version because I didn’t think I needed to put that much detail or work into it. But when I sat down to draw an artwork, from one of the games that I had been playing back then, I was actually horribly bad. I couldn’t even draw that characters eyes properly.

Another mistake I was continuously making was that I was drawing the hair of the character first and then the shape of their face. The correct way would be to start with a circle and then the shape of the face, followed by its features and then comes the hair. I eventually learned that but I was very confused in the beginning.

I did practice drawing eyes for quite a while, I just wrote on google ‘anime eyes’ and the first set of eyes that they had, I decided to draw those. Nothing too glamorous or anything but I learned about different eye shapes and expressions. Here is an example of some of them that I did.

The first image used variations of circular shape to draw the eyes. You can see that little variations can bring about a lot of change in how the eyes look.

The second image uses the rectangular shapes more which leads to having sharper eyes, as compared to the circular shape which gave much softer look to the eyes.

You can use all these shapes for different expression, even how you shade the eyes, can make a big difference in how the persons demeanor is. No wonder there is a saying that eyes are the window to ones soul. They are very expressive and I want to get better at drawing them. One step at a time. I am in no rush, I just wanna learn. Are you learning too?

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