I Am Crystal Dream Illustration

Hi! I am Crystal Dream Illustration but my real name is Anvita. I recently started this art blog to put my artwork out and talk more about what I like, what inspires me and a lot of other things. I couldn’t talk about all this in much detail on my Instagram and I truly feel like a lot of times, I have more things to say.

Another reason I started this blog was to push myself to write more. When I was in high school, I used to actively write stories and also had another blog. Hopefully, I can write more here now that I have finished my university.

My art journey started almost three years ago when my best friends from university and I decided to draw for 12 days of Christmas. I was actually really bad back then, I think I definitely have improved a lot now but I still think I can do a lot better. I will share my old works on here because I want this to look like an art journey. You can witness my bad drawings and good drawings. Even today, I have days when I don’t draw well and I personally think that’s okay. It’s all a part of life.

I also wish I can connect with other artists through this blog. I do that on my Instagram and I hope I can do this here as well. My favourite part about the art community is that everyone is so supportive, whether you’ve been doing art for year or just started working on art a few days ago, there will always be people who will continue to cheer you on.

I don’t think I’ll show you my picture yet but maybe I will, someday, when I feel confident enough about myself. Till then you can discover me through my posts right here. You can find me on so many of my other accounts, such as on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or DeviantArt. The links to all that are present on top on my website.

I hope you will join me on this journey and maybe on the way, I can inspire more people to discover their artistic side and start drawing as well. And also, if you have any suggestions about what I should talk about or anything that you would like to see that I can post on YouTube, please do write it down in the comments or just email me. Thank you dropping by. Maybe you’ll return sometime again. Till then, take care! (^_^)

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