Getting Into The Art Life

I used to like art when I was younger but I never had the time or that much inspiration to constantly draw. I also stopped because I just thought I could never get as good the people that I see in my class. The ones who my teachers used to call art prodigies. So, I pretty much gave up and started focusing on my studies.

Although, I still enjoyed it. I think the best piece of art I made, around the age 12-18, was definitely the drawing of the human heart that we had to make for our biology practical notebook. I was so proud of it. Unfortunately, I’ve lost that notebook and can never proof to anyone else that I thought it was a pretty realistic drawing. I also drew a little with some of my classmates when we were very bored. But those art projects were extremely weird. I don’t think I can ever put any of that on my blog.

Fast forwarding to my second year in university, my friends suggested that all of us could do a small Christmas art prompt challenge. And surprisingly, I was very much into the idea, even though I hadn’t drawn properly in years. Actually, that might not fully be true. I drew a funny picture for one of my friends but that was it really.

Another reason I was into the Christmas prompt idea was because my friends were so supportive, no matter how bad I was. That gave me courage and I think that can be said about anything that you start or take up in life, there is always hesitation before you give it a go and see if you like it for yourself and somehow, this clicked for me.

Looking back at my first blog, I think one of the reasons it failed was because I just never knew what to make its main selling point to be. Also, there was some lacking motivational energy which I will hopefully have more of now.

So, here it is. My first drawing after years of neglecting it.

Itachi From Naruto

I drew one of my favourite characters of all time, Itachi. I can’t remember why I chose to draw him but I did anyway and I drew the chibi version instead of how you see him in the anime. I still had a lot of progress to make before I could dip my toes in the big pond but this was a start. A tiny start but I was happy with it.

Have you seen Naruto? Do you know this character?
Well, this was my first proper post. Talking about the very beginning and being not as refined like any new artist initially is. But the good thing is, its always gonna be uphill from here on out, and maybe some dips here and there but that’s okay. I think. (^_^)

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