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Ferris Wheel

Remember that ticklish feelingThe grandeur so appealingThe sparkling beauty at every carnivalWith charms absolutely irresistible Memories of my childhood, cloud my judgement,Getting sick overpowered by nostalgic attachment.Sitting with my mum and dad, happiest days of my life,My sister and I laughing, the life stones keeping me alive. A dream I had, a while ago,Witnessing with

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Snow Storm

Poem for ‘The Storm Outside’ Getting lost by the glimpse of our surroundingsEngaging in our soul purpose, the ultimate grounding.Growing through the soil covering our feet,Sinking underground, crumbling the overused attendance sheet. Finding our presence, a life of euphoriaBending its existence, changing existential dysphoria.A catalyst to the future unknown,Shout it all through your internal megaphone.

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